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  • 2017

    Modernization of production by purchasing modern equipment: DOOSAN DNM6700, DOOSAN PUMA GT2600M.
  • 2016

    The beginning of deliveries of metal structures for the Petrikovsky GOK of OJSC "Belaruskali" under construction.
  • 2015

    Start of supply together with JSC "Gomelpromstroy" metal construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Purchase of new equipment Selica SHV-1020 for mastering the production of new components at JSC TVSZ.
  • 2014

    Start supply of components for innovative products of "Roslavlsky Car Repair Plant"
  • 2013

    Start supply of components for innovative products of JSC "Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant"
  • 2007

    Launch of equipment for house-building plants
  • 2005

    Launch of products for the mining industry
  • 2004

    Start of production of body parts of railroad freight cars
  • 2002

    The production of components for the modernization of the trolley 18-100 rail cars
  • 2000

    In accordance with the decision of the general meeting of shareholders on March 31, 2000, Minutes №3 Open Joint Stock Company "Saturn" Zhitkovichi, in the process of re-registration, renamed to Open Joint Stock Company "Saturn-1" Zhitkovichi (hereinafter - the Company). Gomel Oblast Executive Committee decision dated 12.06.2000 year №356 registered Open Joint Stock Company "Saturn-1" Zhitkovichi in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs №400044052
  • 1998

    In 1998, through the privatization of state property MPP "Saturn" formed a joint stock company "Saturn", based on the order of the Gomel Regional Committee for Management of State Property and Privatization of December 30, 1998 №122 in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on state property privatization.
  • 1998

    During the period of 1994 to 1998, a small state enterprise out of the profit was purchased five units of forging equipment, milling machine and a car "Gazelle". The number of new jobs created in 1997 was 18.
  • 1997

    IHL "Saturn" by the decision of the district executive committee Zhitkovichi №6 granted permanent use 0.2346 ha. land for execution of production activities.
  • 1994

    According to the order №19a from 17.01.1994 till Zhitkovichi Engine Plant to establish a small subsidiary of state-owned enterprise "Saturn", and approved by 21.01.1994, the new memorandum of association. 31.01.1994 year №21 for reg. №6 / 119 / 119a Zhitkovichi executive committee of the District Council of People's Deputies of the Charter registered small state enterprise "Saturn".
  • 1993

    Decision of the Executive Committee of the Council of People's Deputies Zhitkovichi Gomel region №42 re-registration of the Charter of small rental company "Saturn".
  • 1993

    Leased enterprise "Saturn" has started construction of a production hall at the expense of their profits on their own with the assistance of subcontractor PMK-76 Zhitkovichi. Production hall was commissioned 10.18.1993 year.
  • 1993

    Start of production of spare parts for agricultural machinery
  • 1991

    Signed a lease between Zhitkovichi engine plant and a small rental company "Saturn", in which MAP "Saturn" has leased Press KD2124E №9261-1 and production area - 20 square meters. The main areas of development are parts of furniture accessories, agricultural machinery parts.
  • 1991

    The company "Saturn" was registered by the decision of the Executive Committee Zhitkovichi District Council of People's Deputies of the Gomel region of №103 from 06.03.1991, in Zhitkovichi as a small rental company.
  • Saskevich Mikhail Petrovich

    Director, Founder
    tel./fax 8 02353 55-860
    mail: info@saturn-1.by

    Tel / fax (2353) 55-860
    E-mail: info@saturn-1.by

  • Peshevich Viktor Vasilievich

    lead engineer
    tel./fax 8 02353 55-860.
    mail: info@saturn-1.by

    Tel / fax (2353) 55-860.
    E-mail: info@saturn-1.by

  • Saskevich Ruslan Michailovich

    Deputy Director for Development Candidate +375296109261 tel./fax 8 02353) 55-860. mail: sbit@saturn-1.by

    t. mob. +375296109261
    fax + 375 (2353) 55-860
    E-mail: sbit@saturn-1.by

  • Ilenya Yra Maksimovich

    Deputy Director for Production
    tel./fax 8 02353 55-860.
    mail: info@saturn-1.by

  • Zaicev Vadim Alexandrovich

    Head of Marketing and Supply Department
    tel./fax 8 02353 55-869
    mail: market@saturn-1.by

  • Molochko Evgeniy Alexandrovich

    Head of Technical Department
    tel./fax 8 02353 55-861
    mail: info@saturn-1.by

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